The Hand Knotted Rug: What You Should Know about It


Area rugs offer beauty, definition, light or dark, contrast or tie-ins with the existing aesthetic, and a great deal more. However, not all rugs are created equal. Sure, you can find nice looking mass-produced rugs, but if you really want a high-quality showpiece and a rug that will last for decades to come, then a hand knotted rug is the way to go. What should you know about these rugs?

How They Look

Take a look at mass-produced area rugs, and then compare those to authentic hand knotted rugs, and you’re sure to spot the difference. Hand knotted rugs are closer to works of art than they are a utilitarian home furnishing like a rug. They’re obvious examples of skill and dedication, as well as knotting traditions that, in some cases, date back over a thousand years. The finest hand knotted rugs feature designs that are picked out in exquisite detail using nothing but knots and dyed yarn.

How They Feel

There’s no comparison between the feel of a hand knotted rug and a mass-produced area rug. A hand knotted masterpiece is thick and luxurious, without the upright pile that marks most mass-produced area rugs today. The incredible workmanship that creates the stunning design of the rug also makes it thick and comfortable, perfect for any room in your home. There are also subtle imperfections in individual rugs – the result of the hand-making process – and no two rugs will ever be the same.

Legendary Durability

When you think or authentic Oriental rugs, what comes to mind other than their incredible beauty? Chances are good it’s their incomparable durability and long lasting nature. These hand-made rugs can last for more than a lifetime, and are often handed down as treasured heirlooms. While they are fragile, and must be cleaned with care, a well-maintained hand knotted rug can last for an incredibly long time, providing an incredible return on that initial investment.

Understanding the Cost

Yes, hand knotted rugs cost more than what you would pay for a mass-produced rug. That’s only natural. You’re dealing with an authentic handicraft that is made with according to a tradition that has been passed down for generations, and takes a lifetime to truly master. You’re paying for months of work and effort from a single weaver who works tirelessly to produce a rug. Compare that to the minutes that it takes to create a mass-produced rug. There’s also the fact that you’re getting a hand knotted rug made from all-natural materials, such as silk or wool, rather than plastic.

In the End

Ultimately, a hand knotted rug is as much a work of art as it is a furnishing for your home. It’s the embodiment off centuries of tradition and incredible skill, and it can be much more than a mere floor covering. It can be a treasured possession that is passed down in your family for generations to come.

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