How to Choose the Right Carpet for Commercial and Office Spaces


Commercial and office spaces must have the right flooring for the work being done, to uphold the professional image of the business in question, and to ensure worker comfort on the job. There are plenty of different carpet options out there that could work for your commercial office space, but they’re not all created equal. While you’ll need to ultimately choose the right carpet on your own, a few tips will help get you on your way.

How Suitable Is It?

One of the first considerations you’ll need to make is the suitability of the carpet to the work being done in the space. Will it need to hold up to general foot traffic only? Will there be office chairs rolled about on the carpet? What about trolleys and hand trucks, carts and the like? The heavier the traffic flow within the space, the greater the face weight and density of the carpet will need to be.

How Durable Is It?

Everything within a business must be thought of as an investment. That applies to the carpet used in your commercial or office space as much as it does to any other business asset. Durable carpet will last for a long time, while maintaining its appearance, allowing you to avoid the costs involved with frequent re-carpeting. Many elements go into durability, including the backing used, the amount of padding underneath, the density of the yarn within the carpet, and more. Short, tight looped yarn will give the best durability and the most bang for your buck, but realize that this comes with a tradeoff in terms of comfort.

Fit for Human Use

Your carpet must do more than just cover the floor. It also needs to support your staff in their daily responsibilities. While you don’t necessarily need to invest in super-thick, residential-quality carpeting, you do need to ensure that the carpet you choose is padded enough and thick enough to provide ample comfort and support. It’s more about preventing injuries, particularly if your staff members will spend a lot of time on their feet, rather than sitting at a desk.

Modular vs. Unitary

Today, the two most common formats for commercial and business office carpeting are modular and unitary. Unitary carpets are those that are rolled out in a single sheet, with a seamless backing. Modular carpets come in boxes of tiles, and are installed one tile at a time, much like ceramic and vinyl tiles. While unitary carpet has its advantages, many businesses find that modular carpets are better suited to their needs, largely because damage to one tile can be remedied by replacing just that single tile, rather than replacing the entire carpet.

As you can see, there are plenty of decisions that need to be made when choosing the right carpet for your commercial or office space. Ideally, you’ll choose a durable, cost-effective option that offers good aesthetics, but also good support for your staff.

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