How to Choose Right Carpet for Your Workroom


Your workroom…what is it that you do within the confines of this space? Do you sew? Maybe you do some sort of painting? Perhaps it is a hobby space that finds you doing any number of activities. Regardless of what you intend to do in a workroom, you should really take the time to decorate it and make it appealing.

Why? It is a simple truth that humans are visual creatures and we take note of our surroundings. If you make a workroom a purely utility space, it won’t have the same appeal and pull as a space painted in a color you prefer, decorated and organized with shelving and furnishings you appreciate, and featuring elements that support the time you spend there. For example, what sort of flooring should you have in your workroom?

Your Goals

What you do in your workroom can often help you make the best choices in terms of carpeting for that space. As an example, do you find yourself seated most of the time? If so, you may be able to use almost any sort of carpet you desire. However, even crafts done at a work table or desk can end up leaving some messes, and so you may need to consider the use of an area rug.

The Pile

Interestingly enough, if you are using an area rug or going for a wall to wall carpet, the lower, loop pile rugs are likely your best bet. This is because they are much easier to clean, can be found in an array of synthetic materials that still have some support or spring, and yet can resist many materials, especially those put to use in work rooms. This means a spill or debris is easily vacuumed or even swept away. And if you make doubly certain by using a low, loop pile area rug on top of any flooring, you won’t see a huge investment go to waste if the rug is stained and unable to be cleaned.


Do remember, though, that area rugs can lead to safety issues, i.e. you might trip and fall on them if you are moving about a lot in the work room. If the work room is more an office than a crafting space, the low pile is still the way to go. It is incredibly easy to keep clean and is unlikely to fade from heavy traffic over the same area.

While there is always the option of placing office floor mats over your rugs or beneath the most commonly used work spaces, these can generate a lot of static electricity and are pretty low where esthetics are concerned. Instead, it is best to go with a durable and attractive area rug, and one that covers a large area.

Don’t forget that carpet tiles are a big trend these days and can be a great, affordable and easy way to ensure your work room or home office has good-looking flooring. After all, they install easily and can be quickly replaced if a stain occurs and you cannot eliminate it. The good news is that you can enjoy the good looks and comfort of carpeting in a work room or home office, just use these tips and you’ll be able to make a quick decision.

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