What Are the Most Advanced Carpet Cleaning Methods?


Although there are many steps you might take to clean up a spot, stain or spill from a carpet or rug, there are also cleaning methods used to clean an entire carpet – not matter the height of its pile or its method of manufacture. While there are some commonly used methods, there are also professional or advanced carpet cleaning methods. Let’s take some time to explore them and discover which might be right for your needs.

Extraction Cleaning

This is usually described as steam carpet cleaning or hot water extraction cleaning. It uses a special machine that forces highly pressurized hot water deep into the fibers of the rug. Typically, a cleanser is added to the water and this saturates the fibers and helps loosen any dirt or debris. The way this advanced carpet cleaning method works is to have the steam or water sprayed into the carpet, some gentle agitation is done with the brush attachment, and then an extractor sucks up most of the water and dirt. The rug is then left to dry, which takes around four hours if done properly.

This is ideal for new rugs with a dense pile but is not a good choice for an antique rug or one made of natural materials like sisal or sea grass.

Foam Encapsulation

Though many people see a shampooer as an advanced method of cleaning a carpet, it is less preferable than foam encapsulation. This relies on detergents that dry into a powder and are then vacuumed up when dry. The way this approach works is simple: There is only a small amount of water added to the foam encapsulation, this is dispersed over the carpet where it loosens and clings to the foam. Once the material is dry, it will allow for a much easier cleaning.

The down side is that this approach is not good for heavily soiled or very deep piled carpets, though the drying time and any residues are much less than with classic shampooing.

Dry Cleaning

This uses a specialized machine to brush a dry cleaning material deep into the rug. The motorized brushes then disperse the cleaning product inside the pile where they dissolve dirt. The chemicals are often biodegradable and “green” and are vacuumed up; leaving a carpet deep cleaned but without any downtime for drying.

This is a preferred method of cleaning for carpets that face heavy traffic, such as those found in a business or in a building operating 24 hours a day. However, it also works well for a household carpet in a heavily trafficked area as it allows the cleaning to be done, and the carpet to be used immediately afterward.

Is there an ideal method? As you can see, the advanced carpet cleaning methods have pros and cons. Most of the time it boils down to whether you can afford to have the carpet out of use and left to dry, but if you don’t want any chemical residues or riskier compounds, you may wish to choose one method over another. It is best to ask expert carpet cleaners for advice and work with those who offer several cleaning options.

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