Is Your Home Killing Your Carpet?


Undoubtedly your carpet not only represents a significant monetary investment, but it is also an integral part of your home décor. While your carpeting looked new and pristine when it was first installed, chances are that it has begun to look dingy and dirty. Tracked in dirt is only the beginning of your carpet’s problems, and it’s likely that your home environment is destroying your carpet.

Professional cleaning by NYCleaners can help to refresh and restore the beauty of your floor covering, but becoming aware of the problems present in your home can help to prevent them from causing excess damage to your carpet.

Indoor Pollution

Indoor pollution is much more of a problem than you might think. It can affect your carpet not only by making it dirty, but also by making the fibers more vulnerable to wear and more attractive to pests that can actually destroy the backing and the pile. This will be especially true if your carpet is made of a natural fiber such as silk, wool, or cotton, but no fiber is safe from this type of damage. Indoor pollution can come from a number of sources:

  • Cigarette, pipe, or cigar smoke.
  • Grease and moisture particles that have been released when cooking.
  • Aerosol room fresheners.
  • Airborne dust.
  • Mold from damp conditions in kitchen and bathroom.

All of the above can not only affect the appearance of your carpet but shorten its life; don’t let this happen to your carpet. NYCleaners has the cleaning products, staff, and equipment to keep your carpet in top notch condition.

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