How Do You Deep Clean a Thick Area Rug?


Thick area rugs are perfect for aesthetic viewpoint and comfort. Also, thick rugs are noise absorbents. The sound-damping effect of these rugs makes them a must-have in bedrooms and dining areas. But, the major challenge many homeowners face is dirt and dust accumulation. Since thick rugs have more fibers than rugs with small dimensions, they build up harmful components. Removing dirt and dust from the core of thick area rugs is only possible with a home vacuum cleaner. Therefore, you have to deep clean a thick area rug.

Why You Should Deep Clean a Thick Area Rug?

Dirty thick area rugs cause a plethora of problems. Here are some reasons why you should deep clean a thick area rug:

  1. Improve Home Hygiene
    Allergens, germs, and dust accumulation inside thick rugs pollute the air. A polluted environment causes dangerous diseases such as lung cancer, ischaemic heart disease, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. You can improve the air quality by removing harmful elements from the rug through deep cleaning.
  2. Prolong Rug’s Life
    Deep cleaning removes harmful elements from the rug. Dust mites and mold accumulate inside the fibers, weakening the rug’s foundation. When you don’t clean the rug and remove the harmful substances, you must buy a new one in a few years. If you want to save money, clean the rug you already have. The cleaning process will remove dangerous elements and improve the life and quality of the rug.
  3. Maintain Color and Quality
    Dirt and dust buildup inside deep rug cause color degradation. Your vibrant-colored area rug will also fade due to dust mites and mold. The only solution to revive the colors and beauty of your rug is through deep cleaning.
  4. Avoid Health Problems
    If your family members are getting sick recently, you must deep clean the thick area rug. Your rug contains numerous dangerous elements, such as allergens, bacteria, and dirt. But you can’t see it with your naked eyes, and the rug looks clean.
    Dirty area rugs contain unwanted toxins and bacteria polluting the home environment. The bacteria pollute the air and enter the body. It weakens your immune system and causes other health problems.
    Also, you may develop respiratory problems, skin allergies, and stomach infections. To keep your family safe and healthy, eliminate the harmful organisms from your thick area rug through deep cleaning.
  5. Remove Stains
    Old carpet stains affect the quality and aesthetics of thick rugs. These stains are hard to clean because they get deep inside the rug. Deep cleaning is an effective technique to remove deep stains.

How Do You Deep Clean a Thick Area Rug?

Regular vacuuming your thick area rug is a good practice. But, home vacuum cleaners can’t eliminate harmful elements such as mites, bacteria, and dust from the fibers. Therefore, you have to deep clean a thick area rug.
Deep cleaning is a time-consuming process and requires experience. Homeowners save their time and effort by consulting a professional rug cleaning company. Experts from a reputable rug cleaning company avoid harmful chemicals to clean the rug. They have advanced tools and extensive experience to bring a dirty thick area rug back to life.
But, if you want to deep clean a thick area rug at home, here are some steps you to follow:

Step 1: Loosening Dirt
For this step, you must take your thick rug outside in an open area. Hang the rug on the fences or rope and beat the rug. Beating the rug will loosen the trapped debris, dust, and dirt. You can use a mop or broom for the beating process. Now leave the rug under sunlight to eliminate dust mites and bacteria.

Step 2: Vacuuming
Plug your home vacuum cleaner and suction out loosened dirt. This might take some time than regular vacuuming. Since you are cleaning a wide area rug, you will remove a lot of dirt at one time. But vacuum the rug until you can’t suck more dirt or dust from your rug.

Step 3: Dry Shampooing
You will need chemical-free rug shampoo for this process. Pour the shampoo into a bucket full of water. Get the cleaning solution ready by mixing it well. Sprinkle the solution on the thick rug and spread it all over. Use a soft brush or sponge to rub the solution on the rug. Brush the granules using a vacuum cleaner’s head. You don’t have to turn on the vacuum for this part. Wait for an hour to allow the cleaning solution to sit down. The solution will enter deep inside the rug’s fiber.

Step 4: Steam Cleaning
You must have a steam cleaning machine for this process. If you don’t have one at home, you can get it for rent from a rental shop in your neighborhood. Steam clean your thick area rug with the machine. After vacuuming, pour hot water and non-foaming carpet detergent.
Place the rug under a high-speed fan or hang it outside your home for drying. The drying process might take a couple of hours. Bring your rug home and vacuum it once more to remove the dirt that might stick during the drying process. Once your thick area rug is completely dry, you are done cleaning.


Now that you know how to deep clean a thick area rug, you can grab the equipment and get started. But remember that it is better to consult a professional team for deep cleaning. Experienced technicians use advanced tools and techniques for the deep cleaning process. Since they have extensive experience, they understand the right method.
Do you live in New York City and want to deep clean a thick area rug? If yes, then contact NYCleaners. We have qualified and professional technicians in our facility. We have advanced tools in our rug cleaning department for an efficient cleaning process. If you want to talk with our experts or book a quick rug inspection, call us at the nearest cleaning center.

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