Size of Homes Affects the Costs of Carpet Cleaning


Although you already know that carpet cleaning is done based on the type of fabric and the way a carpet is made (such as a loop or cut pile), the pricing for professional cleaning also looks at total volume. In other words, the average expert is going to charge you “per room” and may extend a fixed price if you hire them for a whole house cleaning.

DIY or Expert

Because so many home and property owners are eager to save money and do things on their own, they also think that a DIY carpet cleaning is a viable solution. To be honest, there is no comparison between the machine you can rent at a big box store and the gear that experts use. Also, you may be using the wrong chemicals or even the wrong treatment for your type of carpeting.

After all, there are dry cleaning compounds, wet cleaning compounds, extraction systems, steam cleaners and so on. Not knowing which to use can be detrimental to the carpeting, degrading the padding and even shortening the life span of the carpet itself. That means that the cost of carpet cleaning may be far more affordable than finding yourself in need of new carpeting long before you expected it.

As the professionals say, “Going the DIY carpet cleaning route with a carpet cleaner rental may be tempting, but to keep your carpets looking new and minimize wear and tear, sometimes it’s best to hire professional carpet cleaners.”

Understanding Costs

Every home is different, and that is why there is no “average” or “universal” price for carpet cleaning. It can involve the price for a single room (which is typically going to be higher on that per room basis than whole house cost), multi-room or entire home.

However, many cleaners use a “size cap” that imposes a maximum square footage for a single room. In other words, if you are having a single room done, and that room is enormous, you may find that the flat rate for two rooms is applied. Also, if there is furniture in a room, the cleaning service might also charge to move items itself. You may want to do this yourself to save money on the cleaning.

If a firm charges by the square foot rather than a per room flat rate, you will want to compare pricing against a firm that does a flat rate. And always keep in mind that some carpet cleaning services may charge equipment setup and materials fees on top of the actual cleaning service.

Ask About Warrantees

Lastly, you’ll want to find out of the labor and materials have a warranty of some kind. Is there a “standard of cleanliness” that will apply to the job? Will there be specific guidelines they’ll meet in the cleaning process?

In addition to knowing whether to steam or dry clean, what chemicals to use and how to get your carpets in top shape with specific gear, professionals will also explain how the size of a home affects the costs of carpet cleaning.

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