Living in a big city like Bay Ridge is an incredible experience. Bay Ridge is among the popular metropolitan areas in New York, offering an urban feel. This is a great neighborhood to move in with your family and raise your children. It offers plenty of amenities, such as coffee shops, restaurants, bars, and parks. But, with all these perks, there are some cons to living in a city like Bay Ridge. Due to the increasing population, this city has become overly polluted. Dirt and pollens accumulate on the rugs and carpets, ruining the home’s interior appearance.

These days, homeowners in Bay Ridge are facing various issues due to dusty and bad-smelling rugs. Having a grubby carpet in your home entails numerous risks such and it negatively affects the aesthetic. Consequently, many Bay Ridge citizens are shifting their attention to NYCleaners for rug cleaning and restoration services. The rug restoration and cleaning process is a tedious job. Therefore, people opt to visit a professional service provider such as NYCleaners. If you live in Bay Ridge and want to consult a team with extensive experience, give us a call right now.

Organic Rug Cleaning Guide

Rug Cleaning Process in Bay Ridge

Bay Ridge homeowners agree on the importance of relying on professional carpet cleaning services to breathe new life into their carpets. We understand the importance of rugs for home décor. For some people, rugs hold sentimental value, so they need complete rug restoration. We, at NYCleaners, know what kind of care your worn out and old carpets require for long-lasting endurance. If your carpet experiences potential stains and sudden spills, we can instantly treat it with professional tools and techniques.

Our oriental rug cleaning service adds new life to carpets. For your reference, here is the procedure we follow for rug restoration.

  • Once you handover your Oriental rug to our professionals, they carefully inspect the material and condition and spot all the damages. Then, they will plan which techniques to use after an analysis. We understand that every rug is different according to its quality, features, and material. Some rugs have delicate reeves than others. We use the best approach to successfully recover your rug; keep all this information in mind.
  • Every day, your carpet accumulates debris and dust. Dust mites and other harmful substances enter deep inside the weaves, which can make Oriental rug cleaning a challenge at home. But, when you deliver your Oriental rug to our rug restoration and cleaning center, we eliminate debris using deep rug cleaning techniques. We make sure to pull out the debris through dry dusting and vacuuming.
  • After identifying the spots and removing dust from your Oriental rug, our technicians remove the stains using environmentally friendly rug restoration techniques. They conduct a spot removing process with proper care and responsibility.
  • Next, professionals will use a non-toxic and safe cleanser to wash your rug. This soapy wash will purify your Oriental rug and remove the remaining smell and odor from previous steps.
  • Once your Oriental rug is soft and fresh, the automated machine rinses the rug shampoo, eliminating impurities. Professionally trained technicians perform this step to ensure every part is cleaned using purified water.
  • The drying process will remove the wrinkles and warping of your Oriental rug. An expert supervises this process to prevent any damage due to over-heating. The light fanning and open-air protects the fabric of your rug.
  • After inspection, dusting, cleaning, and drying off the rug, the professional will then re-examine the rug and eliminate the hints of grime or dirt. They will deeply analyze the weaves and fringes to see if every component is alright.
  • In the final step or rug restoration, the technician will use a comb for the finishing touch, so you get the carpet in premium condition.

Types of Rugs

We understand that different types of rugs require different procedures. Therefore, we professionally observe the material, thickness, and condition of the rug before going through the rug restoration and cleaning process. Here are different types of rugs that our experts clean:

  • Flat Weave Rugs
  • Pile Rugs
  • Natural Fiber Rugs
  • Oriental Rugs
  • Turkish Rugs
  • Caucasian Rugs
  • Indian Rugs
  • Kashmir Rugs
  • Persian Rugs
  • Moroccan Rugs
  • Pakistani Rugs
  • Afghan Rugs
  • Bokhara Rugs
  • Chinese Rugs
  • Spanish Rugs

Rug Steam Cleaning Services in Bay Ridge

Rug steam cleaning is the most effective and safe cleaning method. When you hire a professional cleaner, such as NYCleaners, for steam rug cleaning, you will receive precision-level cleaning. Our experts will remove dirt and debris, as well as bacteria and germs. This deep cleaning method brings your rug in good condition. Below, we will share some insights about how our professionals conduct rug steam cleaning:

  • When an expert from NYCleaners visits your home for steam rug cleaning, they will clear out the furniture, toys, and other objects on the carpet. While leaving items on your rug can certainly render the cleaning process ineffective, doing so in a cluttered room slows down the process as well.
  • After removing the objects, the expert will closely inspect the carpet to identify damaged sections. The team will jot down details about the damage and condition of the carpet. To ensure proper care, you have to share the type and age of the rug. Also, mention where you use it and if it’s an area with high foot traffic. This allows them to select the best approach for rug steam cleaning.
  • If your rug needs repairing, the technician will fix those issues before cleaning the rug. The restoration process depends on damage such as worn fringes, moth damage, faded colors, water damage, wrinkles, and pet stains.
  • After repairing the rug, the professional will vacuum the entire carpet and clean the crumbs, dust, debris, and other harmful particles. Pre-vacuuming, the carpet removes 80% of the dirt from the surface. However, the solid particles stuck between the weaves won’t leave the fibers with a vacuum cleaner.
  • We use a unit mounted on a truck or portable machine for steam cleaning. A portable rug cleaning machine is flexible and easy to handle. But when that’s not on hand, a truck-mounted unit is also an incredible option. After deciding what type of machine to use, we prepare our steamer and start the cleaning process.
  • Our crew members spread non-toxic detergent on the surface of the carpet. The cleaning agent will remove the tough marks and stains from the rug. Removing the stains before steaming the carpet is essential because the steaming process might cause the stains to set in.
  • After stain removal, the technician will change the settings to a higher temperature, such as 120 degrees Celsius. When the temperature is that high, the water will turn into steam. Our team will move the steamer throughout the rug, extracting the detergent from the Oriental rug.
  • Even though the steaming process turns the water into steam, your carpet won’t be soaked with moisture. However, the technicians will clean your room, such as hardwood floor and tile floor, drying the moisture. Leaving moisture on the carpet and furniture means creating optimal conditions for bacterial growth. Drying the carpet and surrounding area completes the steam cleaning process.

Rug Repair Services in Bay Ridge

An Oriental or Antique rug holds decorative as well as sentimental value. But these options can be highly expensive. If you buy such valuable rugs, you need to maintain them on a timely basis. But many factors can damage your rugs, such as a moth infestation, high foot traffic, and nibbling by pets. If you notice spots and holes in your rug or the fibers are unraveling, you can consult with NYCleaners, and we will send our team to your doorstep for immediate inspection. Here are some rug repair services that we offer in Bay Ridge.

  • When we receive Oriental rugs in our rug repair center, our experienced technicians thoroughly inspect the rug. They will check every corner of the fiber and write down the issues that need to be handled.
  • You may need Oriental rug repair for unraveled and loosened tassels and fringes. Professionals will use re-insertion or hand-sewn techniques for rug repair. However, they can also add a new fringe or rebuild the existing fringe of your carpet.
  • We also add mothproofing techniques to protect the carpet from a moth infestation. Our highly trained experts will locate the pest population and remove them from your home.
  • After some time, your rug may get holes in the fabric. Our experts can also deal with this problem and professionally perform rug repair from patches and holes.
  • Before reweaving the rug, our experts check the type, age, and origin of your rug. We use hand reweaving techniques to ensure the best quality Oriental rug repair.
  • We also solve the color bleeding problems through color restoration techniques. Our team will revive your old carpet’s vibrant patterns with matching hues.


The reason why NYCleaners is popular in Bay Ridge, NYC, is because of our dedication and quality services. We always keep our customers satisfied and happy by giving them one of the best services in New York City. If you want to consult with our technician for Oriental rug repairing and cleaning, you can give us a call at 718-646-7375.

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byLuca N. onNYCleaners
I'm so content with the results

The experts from NYCleaners cleaned my rugs when I shifted to Bay Ridge and worked effectively! It was a very much past due cleaning and they all were exhaustive and got all the canine hair out. I'm so content with the results and will definitely use them again in the future!!

byAndrea T. onNYCleaners
Extremely certain experience!!

A friend of mine just opened his new office in Bay Ridge and he needed to get the rugs cleaned. The business run by NYCleaners is very efficient, staff showed up on time, and worked effectively. Process was exceptionally smooth and they easily eliminated a few stubborn stains from the rugs. Extremely certain experience!!

byBenjaminE. onNYCleaners
They are absolutely great!

I've hired NYCleaners two times on a similar rug in Bay Ridge and had an incredible encounter both of the times. The expert came on time, took my rug down 3 stairwells and didn't acknowledge my tip. The hand-woven fleece mat was returned in extraordinary condition. They are absolutely great!

byShirley I. onNYCleaners
I will call them again

The cleaner who came from NYCleaners was exceptionally great! took as much time as necessary, and was amicable with my canine who was woofing at him and the little machine. I'm new to Bay Ridge and didn't know if any company could do such nice work! Brilliant! I will call them again if I really want something cleaned!

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