If you live in Kensigton, you’ve already discovered that it’s a practical, quiet neighborhood with all the necessities and access to several train and bus routes so you can get anywhere in the city easily and a local favorite, Prospect Park. Many Kensington homes have private yard space, which is a draw for families. Real estate developers have taken notice of Kensington’s growing popularity, moving forward on several housing developments in the last few years.

This community has everything you could possible want, including rug cleaning Kensington residents recommend over and over again! NYCleaners is the #1 area rug cleaner in Brooklyn, and we’re always ready to earn the loyalty of new customers just like you! We deliver the kind of results customers only dream of with the other guys. We can’t wait to show you what you’ve been missing with professional area rug care and restoration!

Deodorizing and Spot Removal for Area Rugs

Rug cleaning Brooklyn communities pay good money for should always include pre-treating! Before cleaning can begin, NYCleaners will remove stains from your area rug. We also vacuum out all the particles from the rug that will make cleaning counterproductive.
And if your area rug has developed odors over time – from pets, smoke, or storage – we will deodorize it during cleaning so that it will smell fresh and clean when it is returned to you. Separate deodorizing services are usually not necessary, but in some cases they are.

Oriental rug cleaning Kensington customers have come to expect gives them the total package, from spot removal and pre-treating to professional drying and deodorizing.

All Shapes, Sizes and Types of Area Rugs Handled in One Place

Whether your rug is large or small, it deserves the same kind of clean! Area rugs that are smaller than 8×10 or ones that are 12×18 or larger undergo the same thorough cleansing processes, but it’s a little easier to handle smaller ones. Therefore, we see more customers trying to clean these smaller ones themselves, often with negative results.
Rug cleaning Brooklyn customers everywhere are interested in is comprehensive. Your rug cleaning team should be able to handle natural fiber rugs and synthetics alike. This proves that the company is expert in many areas and can thoroughly clean your area rug.

Professional Oriental Rug Cleaning Done by Hand

For Oriental rug cleaning Kensington can trust, there’s no better method than hand cleaning. Machine cleaning doesn’t offer the same results and isn’t as reliable as a hands-on cleaning.
Your area rug should be examined inch by inch so that even the smallest stains can be given the attention they need. Additionally, a rug cleaning expert will be able to identify damage in its earliest stages so that it can be repaired in a timely manner, before your rug unravels and costs a lot more to repair.

Rug cleaning Kensington customers want done right is a lot more complicated than you might think! When you choose NYCleaners, each step is done by hand to ensure the best results!