4 Reasons Why Oriental Rugs Are a Good Investment


Oriental rugs come from many areas and offer long-lasting beauty and style wherever they appear. Because authentic Oriental rugs are made by hand, they are unique artisan works and millions of people would love to own even smaller rugs for their living spaces. However, you may not have invested in one because you are not sure it is the wisest use of your decorating dollars. After all, they can run for hundreds to thousands of dollars each, and you might wonder if they are a wise or good investment.

In this article, we’ll consider four very strong reasons they are a good investment for anyone decorating a living space or interior.

#1 They Are Handmade

How many handmade items can be found in the modern marketplace? Sure, we might discover unique and small objects, but major items are rarely built or made by hand. Furniture, decorations, and rugs are often machine made. This is fine, but it doesn’t create a lot of extra value.

With Oriental rugs, though, you are going to be fortunate enough to have a diversity of 100% handmade items from which to choose. Actual artisan goods have value because of the time they take to make, the skill they require, and their guaranteed uniqueness. With a handmade Oriental rug, it is fair to say you have a one-of-a-kind piece, even if it is similar to others, the handmade properties ensure uniqueness.

#2 They Use Exquisite Materials

Take a look at any modern rug and you’ll see a long list of materials used to ensure everything from color fastness to durability. Yet, these are synthetic materials and have very little overall value. And even worse is the fact that some have to “off gas” for a while because of their synthetic materials.

With authentic Oriental rugs, you get a beautiful object made of wool, silk or cotton (or a blend of several of these materials). In many instances, the materials are spun by hand or dyed by hand with natural ingredients. They are soft to the touch and beautiful to the eye, increasing the value of the rug they make!

#3 They Are Durable

Not many people realize that the weaving or knots of handmade rugs are far more durable than many machine-production methods. This is why a true Oriental or Persian rug never requires a backing. The methods used by the artisan ensure that the rug can withstand use without a lot of protection. Pair that with the materials (wool and silk, in particular) and you can see why they last so long and get passed down as heirlooms!

#4 They Are a Form of Art

You could spend years studying the myriad patterns and styles, materials and methods used by artisans producing rugs through the ages. They are full of history and each rug has a story, but it should never be forgotten that they are also works of art produced by a skilled and thoughtful artist.

There are many other reasons that rugs are good investments, and one of the most important is that they will bring you years of beauty and happiness whenever you see them!

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