Things to Do with An Old Rug Before You Throw It Out


We’ve all been told the importance of learning how to “reuse, reduce and recycle” and yet there is a fourth part of that formula – repurposing or upcycling. It is taking something of use, but which may no longer be effective in its original role and putting it to work in your home or office. As a prime example, we have all seen the old window frames hung up and used as gallery frames for photos or unique bulletin boards, among other things.

So, that makes many wonder if there is much they might do with an old rug before sending it to the nearest transfer station or other facility. The good news is that there is a myriad number of ways you can repurpose an old rug. Whether it is a large piece of wall-to-wall carpeting that is unstained and just being replaced or a precious old Oriental that was damaged beyond repair, but which has some larger swaths left, we offer the following suggestions:

Cover an Ottoman

One of the best ways to use a large piece of old rug or even valuable carpet is to recover your old and beat-up ottoman or hassock. These are pieces that come in all shapes and sizes and which are prime candidates for being covered with something durable – like a rug. You’ll need to just map out how to apply it to the shape and then use a heavy duty staple gun to tack it to the underside of the base.

Cushion It Up

Many of us have seen the beautiful pillows made out of old pieces of valuable kilim rugs and this means that a beautiful old rug can be used to emulate this idea. Yet, why not consider the many ways you use cushions. Old carpet could be the perfect cover for a cushion for the dog, for indoor/outdoor cushions on a patio, and for cushions on outdoor furniture.

Consider the Headboard

Take a look at interior design magazines and websites and you’ll see that many are using carpeting to upholster headboards. This ensures they have a designer look and a unique texture that is in line with the rest of the décor.

You can also use rugs to upholster oblong benches, as wall art, to steady your laundry machines, as a cozy liner inside of a dog house, to help move furniture, to serve as a unique doormat (by cutting out the right shape and size and finishing the edges) and more. Don’t just phone a garbage firm to pick up the old carpet when you can look for ways to upcycle it first!

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