Persian Rug Repair Tips


What Causes Damage to Persian Rugs?

If you own an Oriental rug, having some basic Persian rug repair knowledge to help keep your rug or carpet looking great for many years to come. These types of rugs are beautiful and have a delicate appearance to them, but they can stand up to years of us when they have the proper type of care. Let’s look at some of the types of things can cause damage, and a few tips that can help you to take better care of your rugs.
These types of rugs can be damaged from an array of elements in your home, just like any of the other carpets and rugs you have. You could start to see wear and tear around the edges of the rug, for example. You could also see that the colors have started to fade from the sun. Perhaps there is also stains from spills or pets. Many things could have caused damage to your rug and necessitate repair.

Avoid Direct Sunlight

If you can, make sure the Persian rug is not in direct sunlight. This will cause the colors to fade, and it is especially a problem for those rugs that use natural colors, or that are antique. If the rug does need to be in sunlight, you will want to make sure that you rotate the rug once per month. It will still fade, but the colors will fade at about the same rate. Also, you can get Persian rug repair from professionals to help reduce the appearance of fading.

Find the Right Pathways

You should also consider the pathways on your Persian rug. Repair is often needed because the rug is placed in an area that sees a substantial amount of traffic. Perhaps you could put the rug in an area that it is still displayed prominently, but does not have the same heavy amount of foot traffic. In addition, you may want to consider methods of keeping pets and children away from the carpet, as they can be a source of stains.

Vacuum Your Persian Rug

You should vacuum the carpet regularly, and treat stains if you see them. Again, you will find that working with a professional for Persian rug repair, as well as regular cleaning a couple of times a year – or for stains – can help immensely. Professionals in the field can even take care of fraying and moth damage that could be causing problems for your rug.

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