Tapestry Rug Cleaning and Restoration

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The Tapestry Rug Restoration Process

A tapestry rug can be many things: An heirloom, a piece of art or history, a decoration for your wall at home – whatever it means for you and your family, it definitely needs to stay in prime condition. What happens when our company takes your tapestry into our shop? Read on to learn more about the procedures involved in tapestry restoration and how NYCleaners can be useful and trustworthy in bringing your piece back to its most perfected state.

After undergoing the cleaning process, tapestries are checked for any problem areas. They are set on a wood structure and our experts will examine every inch for coloring problems, ripped spots, snags and more. We rely on the expertise of our excellent team to get your piece back in the proper order and looking like new, whatever it takes. When your work of art is set back in its usual place of honor, it will be brighter, fresher and cleaner – guaranteed.

Why Choose NYCleaners Tapestry Cleaning?

You have plenty of options for where to take your tapestry rug when it’s in need of repair, so what makes us ideal? Our professional’s many experiences, and the time that they have devoted to their craft means that someone you can trust is handling each tapestry restoration.

Each piece of equipment is highly advanced, and we are committed to keeping up with the current industry ideas. The organic products we use are safe for those who suffer from allergies, in addition to keeping our earth pure. We want you to be one hundred percent satisfied with your tapestry restoration, and in order to ensure this, we give attention to every detail, and treat you and your tapestry with all the respect you deserve. We go above and beyond with our client service, because what we care most about is that you are happy with the results we achieve.

So, why wait? If your tapestry rug is in need of some tender loving care, look no further. NYCleaners is always ready to answer any questions or concerns you may have, and we will walk you through each step of our restoration process in detail until you are satisfied. Check our website, call us, or stop by today!

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