How to Modify a Rug to Fit Any Space


Perhaps you already know that one of the reasons that wall to wall carpeting has been so popular for so many decades is because it allows the owner to modify a rug to fit any space. The room with a dormer can have an unbroken piece of carpeting that runs from the entry of that room, around the entire space and even nicely into that dormer. The same goes for rooms with lots of odd nooks and crannies. Yet, is it possible to do the same with an area rug? In other words, can you modify an area rug for your space?

In a word: Yes…However, there are some caveats along with that “yes”.

What it Takes to Modify a Rug to Fit Any Space

Modifying wall to wall carpeting is part of the installation process and it can fit into a room of almost any shape or size. When you have a precious oriental or handmade rug, or even a modern machine-made or artisan made area rug, it can still be possible to modify a rug to fit any space. The biggest tip for success is to work with a professional from start to finish.

Why? Rugs have a specific type of “anatomy”. Finer, handmade oriental rugs, for example, have warp threads that work as the “foundation” or even the “skeleton” of your rug and hold everything together. Sever a few of the threads on that rug and you may run the risk of watching the entire thing unravel. Even worse, cutting up a rug of that kind may cause it to lose its value!

The parts of a rug include the foundation, the binding and the fringe, among other areas. To modify a rug to fit any space, means you are working within that anatomy or within the different parts of the rug. It takes a good eye and expert hand to manipulate every element of a rug and yet allow it to remain stable.

Finishing Techniques Matter

In addition, knowing just how to modify a rug to fit any space but cutting off or trimming back certain areas, an expert also has to know how to finish those newly exposed edges. For example, let’s say you have a beautiful and valuable oriental runner rug that would like to use in a relatively narrow hallway. Unfortunately, the runner is inches too wide on each long edge.

An expert will be able to make adjustments to the edge without compromising the rug’s integrity and stability. Yet, they will also know how to do the stitching along the edge that ensures the rug remains durable, intact, valuable and good looking for years to come. They will know how to balance the print or patterns, secure the edges and reweave any areas compromised by the changes.

Even with a modern, machine-made rug, the need for such attention to details and structure is required, and it is always best to bring a new or antique rug to an expert who can do the job quickly and effectively.

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