How to Cut an Oriental Rug


Perhaps you have heard the phrase “cut a rug” used to describe dancing, but it is also a basic process of modifying a rug to get it to fit better into a specific space or to enable you to use it even if it has been damaged. The real challenges come when you want to cut an oriental rug because they are handmade, highly valuable and require very special care. While experts will tell you that hiring experts to cut it should not hurt its beauty and its value, most would say that trying it as a DIY project is a big no-no.

To Cut an Oriental Rug Means Working with an Expert

If you want the best outcome when you cut an oriental rug, it has to start with someone who understands the “anatomy” of such a rug. Do you know how they are constructed? Are you aware of what it requires to fix or repair a small damage? If not, then you are not the right person to take a carpet knife or powerful shears to a precious oriental or handmade rug.

As an illustration of this fact, if you own an oriental rug that has long fringes on both ends, these are likely to show wear and even damage over time. If left on their own, they can begin to deteriorate and then cause the rug also to start to unravel. Yet, if you know about rug making and rug repair, it is possible that you can re-tie some of the knots and repair the rug effectively.

If the rug has a binding that has been damaged or holes that are the result of wear or insects, these too can be repaired, but it takes expert tools, materials and knowledge to do it properly.

Yet, there does come a time when it may be impossible for even the expert to do any sort of restoration or repair. That is when you can still cut an oriental rug to use it as a smaller rug, runner rug or even turn the scraps into such items as covers for hassocks or ottomans or as throw pillows, wall hangings and more.

How to Know When You Should Cut an Oriental Rug

How do you know if cutting the oriental rug is the answer? As we said, it is always best to work with experts whenever there are any issues or concerns with something like a handmade oriental rug. The experts understand what is happening to the rug and can tell you if the area has to be entirely removed in order to halt the damages, or what it requires to repair the issue.

And also as noted, it is not at all unusual for those who want to use an oriental rug in a very specific room or space to have it cut down to size. This too requires expertise because it is best to maintain the rug’s symmetry and pattern if you want also to maintain its value and aesthetic appeal.

Cutting a rug is possible, but it is always best if you get a knowledgeable professional on the job.

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