The Latest Rug Trends You’ll Want to Know


If you are decorating any space in your home, you should take some time to explore the very latest rug trends. Though it seems as if there just couldn’t be anything new to know about the use of rugs or the ways they are made, there is a surprising array of new ways to add a rug to the home. Let’s look at a few of our favorites:

Oriental and Persian Area Rugs

Though it seems like a no brainer to add a beautiful, handmade Persian or oriental rug to a home, the latest rug trends have introduced precisely sized and placed area rugs as one of the hottest home styles. Rather than setting a rug beneath a piece of furniture or in front of a door, trendy decorators a finding oversized fine area rugs and lining them up with specific elements in the room. A rug chosen to the precise width of the fireplace and placed in front of it as the loveliest accent is just one of the latest rug trends of this kind.

Layered Rugs

Though it was once taboo to put an area rug atop another rug, the latest rug trends have erased this style no-no. Instead, it is now entirely acceptable to use two rugs (one on top of the other) to create the look you desire. As an example, if you have a lovely rug that is a bit too small for the room, you can use a larger contrasting or coordinating rug beneath it and then let you still enjoy the use of the smaller rug.

Moroccan Rugs

You have already seen this trend, but may not know it. Like other oriental and fine rugs, the Moroccan rugs have their own patterns and looks. Of particular popularity is the style known as the Beni Ourain which is done in a monochromatic style that integrates tribal patterns and longer pile, even shag styles. A common look is a pale white base with diagonal lines forming diamond motifs in black or ebony.

Unexpected Places

Of course, one of the coolest of all of the latest rug trends is to use the finer rugs in totally unexpected spots. As a prime example, instead of utilitarian runners in the kitchen, a beautiful oriental or Persian rug can replace it. When chosen carefully and protected with a pad beneath, the use of such a rug in a kitchen or other unexpected spot is a great way to inject style into the home.

The Return of Kilims

Though it seems that kilims never go out of style, they are back in full force. Bolder colors and patterns are appearing, and even pillows made from old scraps or woven specifically to inject the kilim look into the home are growing in popularity.

You now have a few ways to add the stunning beauty of rugs into your home décor, and whether you go traditional or a bit unique, you can add lots of color, life and dimension to your décor.

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