How to Protect an Oriental Rug on Moving Day


“I love moving!” said absolutely no one, ever. Moving is a major undertaking and it is fraught with peril. We can do everything from breaking costly or precious belongings to breaking bones! We have to take everything we own and put it in boxes just to haul it somewhere else and undo the process. Even if we are excited about relocating, moving can still pose major hurtles. To ensure that you make it through the process easily, it really pays to know how to handle your more precious belongings. In this article, we’ll look at how you can best protect an Oriental Rug on moving day.

Rugs and Moving

Unlike almost everything else in a home, Oriental rugs can’t be packed up into a box and sent on their way. They need to be properly prepared, and to protect an Oriental Rug on moving day means a few different steps. Here is a brief summary of the best steps to take to ensure no harm comes to even a delicate rug.

Begin With a Cleaning

It may seem counterintuitive to pay for a professional cleaning only to roll up the rug and take it somewhere else, but this step has a lot of value. For one thing, it means you can place that rug in the new home and use it immediately without any further steps. It also means that you are sure the rug is in prime condition before the move and will see any damages done during moving (which is important if you pay movers to do the work).

Even better, though, is that you protect an Oriental Rug on moving day by eliminating any damage to the rug from debris or materials that could cause problems when trapped inside a rolled up rug.

Know How to Roll

Another way to protect an Oriental Rug on moving day is to know just how it should be rolled up properly. The best method is to find a protective material, such as a large piece of plastic designed for a valuable rug. Lay the rug, face up, on the plastic and then be sure there are no creases before rolling it tightly. Roll them from the fringed ends and tie the bundle tightly to keep the rug secure throughout the move.

Wrap It Up

Though you have rolled the rug in plastic, it is best to complete the process with a premium plastic bag (often available from a mover) or a heavy duty kraft paper. This will protect an Oriental Rug on moving day by blocking any staining materials or dust and dirt inside the moving van or truck. Remember too that the weather could be rainy, slushy or just foul and expose the rug to such materials as water, mud, falling leaves and more. Double wrapping keeps it free of any harmful compounds.

It takes a bit of work to move your rugs safely, but it is the best way to ensure a happy moment as you unroll them and place them in your new home.

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