How to Repair a Hooked Wool Rug


A Hooked wool rug can be a lovely addition to any room, but unfortunately, daily life can cause snags in these beautiful rugs which need to be repaired. Toys, pets, and moving furniture items around can cause snags in your hooked wool rug that can be rather unsightly.

This article will help you repair these unfortunate issues so that you can have the beautiful rug you love once again.

Tools that You Will Need

To begin your hooked wool rug repairs, you will need a few supplies to get the job done. Find a good quality upholstery needle, this is similar to a regular needle but is bigger and more impressive. You will also need a clear nylon thread like what is used in jewelry making.

The Process

Start the process by looping a long piece of the nylon thread through your needle. You don’t need to tie the end in a knot. Find the snagged spots on your hooked rug and push the needle up through the bottom of the rug being careful not to pull the nylon thread all the way through. You want a substantial amount of the looped thread to hang through on the backside of the rug, it should look as if there are two threads since you doubled the thread in the beginning.

If you have multiple snags very close to each other, you can loop them down together. If not, you will need to do each snag individually. Cross your nylon thread over the snagged thread and push your needle back through to the backside of the rug. You will need to force the snagged part to go down with your needle. On the back side of the rug, you will want to know the strands of nylon (there should be four now.) Make the knot as tight as possible against the back of the rug while keeping the rug flat and smooth. You do not want to pull so tight that it puckers. You will have created a faux loop on the top of your rug which should blend in with the rest of the rug’s fibers pretty well.


You will need to repeat this process for each of the snagged spots on your hooked wool rug. This method can be quite time consuming if you have a lot of snags to fix, but it will be well worth it when you have a rug that looks nearly as good as new.

A hooked wool rug can be a lovely addition to your home that will stand the test of time if you are careful with your repair efforts. If you do not feel like you are up to the task, contact us at NYClenaers for professional rug repair service. Protect your home decor investment with proper care and upkeep, allowing the snags to remain can lead to further damage.

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