How to Combine Multiple Rugs in the Same Room


If you live in a home with an open floor plan, you probably love the fact that the spaces feel so light and airy. However, you have probably also noticed that you have to be more particular when choosing your furnishing because all of the spaces flow into one another. This can be especially true when considering rugs.

When your main living room consists of multiple different areas like a dining space and a living room space one rug just won’t cut it. Yet, most people are nervous when it comes to combining multiple rugs in the same room. At NYCleaners, we want you to mix and match your rugs with ease which is why we put together these tips.

Use Different Textures

Your initial thought may be to attempt to match all of your different rugs to each other, but that is actually a fairly tricky look to achieve. A better option is to mix rugs with different textures. This will create visual interest and will actually make the space look more cohesive.

You will want to make sure that there are common colors between the various rugs to tie them in together. For instance, if you have a patterned rug and a textured or braided rug, make sure your textured rug matches one of the colors in the pattern.

Combine Patterns of Different Scale

If you want to use multiple patterned rugs, then you will want to vary the scale of the patterns. Pick a rug with a large-scaled pattern to be the centerpiece or the most eye-catching. Then the other rugs can have smaller or more delicate patterns. They will almost read as a solid when paired with the large-scale patterned rug, but it will make the space visually interesting.

Choose a Color Family

Choose a color family, and make sure that all of your rugs fall into it. When all of your rugs share the same colors, you can vary the patterns without making the space appear too busy or discordant. This works especially well with neutrals or if you have furniture in a bolder color.

Make a Statement

If you really want to make a statement, throw all these rules out the window and just put down whatever rugs strike your fancy. This will give your open living space a very eclectic look and bold look. If your rugs have busy patterns or are vivid colors, it will work best in a space where the furniture is sleek and modern. The contrast between the brightly colored and patterned rugs is very striking against the smooth and sophisticated lines of modern furniture.

Double Up

Two of the same rug can work in the right space, but it is imperative that the rugs be as neutral as possible. If you want to double up, then you will have to stick to a solid or very subtle pattern in a beige, gray, or white. Anything else will likely look way to busy.

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