How to Clean a Vintage Wool Hooked Rug


If you have purchased a vintage wool hooked rug, you likely want it to become part of your home decor. These rugs can be quite lovely and compliment a variety of decor styles. However, like anything that goes on the floor of your home, it will need to be cleaned periodically.

NYCleaners wants you to be able to enjoy your beautiful vintage wool hooked rug for years to come. That is why we put together this list of ways to care for and clean your rug. We have also included a few things that you definitely don’t want to do if you want to maintain the rug’s beauty.

Caring for Your Vintage Wool Hooked Rug

In order to properly care for your vintage rug, you need to know what kind of foundation it has. If the foundation of the rug is burlap, you will want to avoid storing it in a very dry environment because this can cause the rug to crack. Cracking will make the loops pop and require restoration. Folding the rug can also cause cracking. All rugs should be rolled with the top facing out. Avoid wrapping or sealing it in plastic because the burlap and the fibers will need to breathe to keep it in good repair.

When the rug is on the floor, you will want to rotate it at regular intervals. This will keep it from wearing in a specific spot. The constant traffic in one spot or direction can cause the rug to wear in that highly-trafficked area. The rotation will make the wear on the rug more even. Also, to help prevent wear, you should place a rubber rug pad under your vintage hooked wool rug for added protection.

If you are a pet owner, you will want to keep your pet’s nails trimmed to avoid snagging the loops. Any pet accidents should be cleaned immediately because the urine can bleach out the colors.

You do not want to use your vintage rug in the kitchen or underneath a sink where it will be susceptible to constant water damage. Soak up and clean any spills right away to avoid staining. To prevent the colors from fading, don’t place the rug in the path of direct sunlight.

Cleaning Your Vintage Wool Hooked Rug

Never put your hooked rug in the washing machine even if it is small enough to do so. Plus, you don’t want to handle it too roughly in general. Avoid tugging it, beating it, or tossing it. If your rug has a burlap foundation, it should never be submerged in water. You will only want to clean the surface fibers.

One of the best ways to loosen the dirt from the fibers of your rug is to flip it upside down and walk on the foundation. This will cause the dirt to loosen and fall from the fibers with ease. Do not vacuum your vintage wool hooked rug, instead use a manual carpet sweeper or even a broom.

If you need a deeper more thorough cleaning of your vintage wool hooked rug, you may want to hire a professional that deals in vintage rugs. There are processes that will protect the foundation and the preserve the colors of the dyes. If you need advice, contact NYCleaners. Our rug cleaning experts can put you on the right track!

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