Why Do You Need Steam Cleaning for Fleas?


Fleas have the infuriating ability to make a nuisance of themselves and at times, are exceedingly hard to get rid of. Moreover, steam cleaning your house becomes an absolute necessity if fleas severely infest your house.

Why Use Steam Cleaning to Kill Fleas?

There are numerous flea treatments available, but none of them can hold a candle to steam cleaning, which is a mighty effective method to kill the fleas in the environment.
Unlike pesticides and other chemical treatments, steam is not toxic. This makes it a comparatively safer solution to use around pets, kids, and other family members.
Fleas are not likely to stand a chance if you carry out the steam cleaning process thoroughly. The exceedingly high temperature of the steam is fatal to fleas as they are unable to survive these temperatures. Adult fleas can get killed if the temperature exceeds 100 degrees Fahrenheit. It is advised to operate the steam cleaner between 110 and 160 degrees Fahrenheit. Any temperature level within this range is high enough to not only kill the adult fleas but the larvae and eggs as well.

Steps to Kill Fleas with Steam Cleaning

Thorough cleaning is a pivotal part of the equation if you want to get on top of the flea infestation in your home. Once inside the house, fleas face no shortage of hiding places. Fleas can easily seek refuge on carpets, furniture, curtains, bedding material, or any of the dark corners and crevices in the house. That is exactly why you have to clean every nook and cranny of your house. Steam cleaning is undoubtedly a very potent tool to eliminate fleas in your place of residence. You can avail the luxury of living in a flea-free home if you observe the following steps:

  1. Right of the bat, remove all kids and pets (if you have any) from your house when you start steam cleaning
  2. Steam all your pets’ bedding and blankets meticulously. You should also wash your animals with hot water.
  3. Use the steamer to clean and scrub the areas where your pet sleeps and rests. For more effective results, be sure to steam these areas at least a few times every week to get rid of newly hatched eggs, larvae and fleas.
  4. Pay particular attention to dark corners and cracks as these are popular spots for fleas to lay their eggs.
  5. Steam clean your pillows, mattresses, and bedding. Next, steam all the blinds and windows.

Additional Tips to Help Kill Fleas

  • Be sure to test the steamer first before using it on furniture, carpets, and curtains. This precautionary measure ensures that you do not damage any surfaces.
  • Wash your mattress, blankets, and pillows thoroughly with hot water as these are likely places to find fleas
  • Give your pets flea treatments regularly as failure to do so will likely bring about re-infestation of fleas in the house.

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