What Causes Moths in Carpets?


It is common knowledge that your carpets will come to no good if they have fallen prey to moths. It is only prudent to reach out to professional services as soon as possible if the carpets or the rugs at your home have suffered the same fate.

How to Identify Carpet Moths

Before you delve into what causes carpet moths, you ought to know how to identify the creatures. Carpet moths are not too difficult to spot and usually have the following characteristics:

  • Carpet moths are minuscule in size and brown colored with black dots across their front wings.
  • Their wingspan measures in the range of 9-16mm.
  • Moths leave their casing behind when they fly somewhere else; hence, if you come across small-sized cases that bear a resemblance to rice particles that usually is a sign that you have carpet moths in your home.

Why Do You Have Moths in Your Carpets?

The carpet moths’ larvae feed on the keratin molecules found in the hair and skin. Hence, they gravitate towards silk, fur, wool, and other natural materials. There is likelihood that your carpet will become moth infested even if your home does not have a wool or silk carpet. This is because the fibers of synthetic carpets are also a haven for moths and their eggs.
Moths can hide their eggs safely in a rug or a carpet. Once these eggs hatch open, the larvae will feed on the dirt molecules that collect inside the carpet fibers. This dirt includes skin, hair, food particles, and any other household debris. This dirt is chock a block with nutrients such as keratin molecules, which moth larvae need to live and grow. Any area of the carpet where dirt settles is a breeding ground for the moth larvae. As the moth population starts to grow, the adult moths will fly to find new places to infest, such as more filthy areas and corners of the carpet or rug.
Climate is also another factor that causes carpet moths. These moths prefer humid temperatures, so they are more active and full of energy during the summer season.

How to Prevent Carpet Moths

Regular vacuuming is a popular remedy to prevent moths from seeking shelter in the fabrics of your carpet or rug. In the summertime, you have to be even more vigilant as moth eggs take less than a week to hatch during this season. You should vacuum at least twice a week to avoid moth infestation. Using pheromone moth traps is also a useful strategy to curb the population of carpet moths.
However, the best strategy is to engage the services of a professional company such as NYCleaners who excel at carpet moth removal. By seeking professional assistance, the results achieved are far superior compared to what you accomplish when you make an effort to treat the carpets yourself. Place us a call, and we will be at your doorstep in two shakes of a lamb’s tail!

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