How to Remove Carpet Odors


Persistent carpet odors are off-putting, to say the least. Whether you have guests coming over or if you’re or planning a quiet family evening at home, foul smells emanating from your carpet are sure to put a damper on your plans. Yet there is no reason to feel discouraged. Rather than opting to replace your carpets, there are a few simple do-it-yourself solutions you can try, which will not only remove the unpleasant odors but which can also save you unnecessary expenses.

  • To begin with, simply air out the room. Fresh, clean air can do wonders when it comes to foul smelling rooms, even when the source of the odor is your carpet.
  • Next, vacuum. If the smell in question is a fairly recent addition to your home, it may still be at a surface level and can be vanquished by your trusted vacuum. Try it!
  • Yet another accessible solution is baking soda. Simply distribute the baking soda evenly across the carpet (or on the particularly foul-smelling areas), and wait for several minutes to allow the ingredient to absorb the odor.
  • Another useful household ingredient to consider when attempting to remove carpet odors is vinegar. Applied by other spraying or blotting onto the carpet, the vinegar should sit for approximately half an hour before you spray it with some water.
  • When baking soda and vinegar don’t do the trick, you may need to use a carpet foam cleaner. Spray an even coat across the surface, leave it to soak into the carpet for the time period specified on the usage instructions, and then vacuum it off.

If these simple, everyday household items fail to deliver the desired outcome and the carpet odor refuses to disappear, it may be time to contact professional carpet cleaners. As experts in the field, experienced carpet cleaners will be able to easily identify the nature of the odor and offer the most appropriate solution, which, in the long run, will prove best both for your carpet and for your wallet.

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