How to Choose the Right Carpet for Your Loft Room


Lofts can be a lot of fun. They offer additional living space set above the traditional space in your home. Often small, lofts make excellent guestrooms and office space, or they can be used as reading nooks, play rooms and more. Of course, you’ll need the right flooring. Because the loft is set above other living areas, going with hard flooring is often a mistake – carpet is better. How do you choose the right option, though?

Consider the Use of the Space

First, you’ll need to consider the use you intend for the space. Will it be an office for you and your spouse? If so, industrial carpeting or a good Berber might be the best option. You’ll want something low maintenance and durable, yet affordable. Will you be using it as a guestroom? If that’s the case, then you probably want to go with comfort over affordability – something with a high pile will be best.

Consider the Look You Want

In addition to the use of the room, you’ll want to consider the look that you want to achieve. For instance, while affordable and very durable, industrial carpeting like what’s used in office buildings is boring and drab. On the other hand, shag carpeting might be just too out of the mainstream for your tastes. The carpet you choose should help you achieve the look that you want.

Go Luxury with Small Spaces

As a note, you can use this opportunity to really go luxurious. Suppose you were going to transform a loft into a guest bedroom. Because the space is so small, you can buy very luxurious carpet for relatively little. Why not give your guests a wonderful surprise? You can pair that with a high-end mattress and other furnishings to transform your loft into a luxury guest room, albeit a small one.

Shop Remnants

Still on the hook about what carpet to use in the loft? You can do a lot with just a little here, and if you’re not interested in the luxury route, then you might consider going with remnants. These are essentially leftover cuts from larger rolls, and are too small for most purposes. You might be able to get a great deal on something fun with remnants from the right carpet store.

Use Carpet Tiles

A final option you have available is to use carpet tiles in your loft. These are similar in shape to vinyl tiles, but they’re made from carpet. Often, they have the padding built into the backing of the tiles, so you can simply lay out the flooring as best fits your loft space, and be done. They’re simple, economical, and easy to customize to just about any space.

There you have them – some interesting ideas on how to choose the right carpet for your loft space. Really, remember that there is no wrong choice here. Your carpeting should be a reflection of your space, your usage, and your sense of style.

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