How to Choose the Right Carpet for Your Living Room


The Main Factors to Consider When Choosing Living Room Carpeting

The “living room” is that one room in the house where we might do any number of things. It could be where we have our television, sofa and coffee table. It might also be where we do lots of socializing and entertaining. We might have a piano and/or stereo system in that space, or it could just be a quiet, formal room where we sit with visitors but not where the family gathers every day. Because of that, it can be tough choosing living room carpeting.

What this means is simple: The first step for choosing living room carpeting is to jot down a list of the things you actually do in that room. The lists that include lots of daily visits and use of the room mean that the ideal carpet is one that is designed for that amount of general wear, cleaning and use.

If your list is one in which the living room is a more formal space for socializing and family or friendly gatherings, you can consider the more costly and delicate carpets that are not designed specifically for resilience first and foremost.

The next thing to consider is an odd factor, but one many overlook, and it is whether or not you have pets or kids (or both). Pets can track a lot of debris, dander and mess into the home. It doesn’t even matter how much you use the living room, chances are a dog or cat will walk through often. They might also leave messes, and this can require cleaning and stain resistance. Kids are also prone to making messes, and so if you have young kids, it may be wise to consider them when choosing living room carpeting.

The Next Relevant Factors to Consider

When choosing living room carpeting, naturally, you also have to consider:

  • The current style and color of the space
  • The budget you have for the project
  • The durability of the carpet
  • The amount of sunlight exposure the rug will have
  • How easy it is to clean the carpet

If you speak with experts, most would say that it is durability and the easiness with which you can clean a carpet that rank as two of the most relevant issues. The living room is usually a place of high traffic. You don’t want a rug that can wear down, thin, compress and stain easily in such areas. Even if your goal is to match the look of the carpet with a lighter or finer carpet nearby, you must keep those factors in mind.

Getting Started

So, if you are about to choose a carpet for the living room, begin with the use of the space, and then move on to the durability of the carpet and the ease of cleaning. Once you have found a few good choices, then the fun begins and you can select the right stile, weave and look for your living room space.

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