Prevent Water Damage

Water damage can happen quickly.

It’s good that there are ways for homeowners to prevent it.

  • Maintain your roof and be careful when installing vents, chimneys, and air conditioners.
    Keep gutters free of debris.
  • Inspect irrigation systems for leaks.
  • Check windows for water damage.
  • Check siding for damage and punctures.
  • Check appliances for water leaks.
  • Maintain relative humidity lower than 55%. A relative humidity reader and a dehumidifier are good investments.
  • Check leaks in places like under the sink, behind water heaters, washing machines, and toilets
  • Add food coloring to water in a toilet tank. Wait half an hour and see if color appears in the toilet bowl, indicating a leak.
  • Take a water flow test if the food color test is negative but a leak is still suspected. Shut off water sources to your house. The flow indicator at the top of your water meter will move if water passes through, indicating a leak.