Oriental Rug
Maintenance Tips

Oriental rug, Persian rug or silk, owners must give their rugs proper maintenance to preserve their beauty and the value. There are some important rules which will keep rugs looking wonderful for many years.

Rules for Oriental Rug Care:

  • Place felt carpet pads beneath Oriental rugs.
  • Rotate rugs frequently so that wear is even.
  • Don’t vacuum often and don’t use the vacuum’s beater bar.
  • Watch for infestations of insects.
  • Immediately clean spills so that they don’t cause permanent stains.
  • Do not allow pets on Oriental rugs. Urine stains are permanent.
  • Keep your rugs dry. Use a wet-vac and a fan to hasten drying, should your rug get wet.
  • Never set anything on the rug which might leak. This can cause mildew or dry rot.
  • If you notice tears which are fraying, have them fixed immediately
  • Oriental Rug Cleaning Should be done only by professionals – Have dirty rugs cleaned only by a specialist. Never have Oriental rugs steam cleaned, dry-cleaned, or cleaned by an automated process.