What are the Best Cleaning Methods to Preserve Oriental Rugs?


Oriental rugs contain natural materials such as pure silk and sheep’s wool. The type of material determines the Oriental rug’s quality. These rugs are hand-knotted, which makes every piece unique and precious. That’s why these rugs are expensive and delicate. Manufactures focus on details such as knot structure, knot density, and fringe style while knitting the Oriental rugs. Therefore, buyers should respect the efforts of manufacturers and preserve Oriental rugs.

You should hire a professional cleaning service provider such as NYCleaners to clean and preserve Oriental rugs. Here are some benefits of preserving Oriental rugs:

  • Removes carpet stains
  • Extends carpet’s life expectancy
  • Eliminate residue
  • Maintain eco-friendly environment
  • Restore damage due to high traffic
  • Remove mustiness and odor

If you want to professionally clean and preserve Oriental rugs, you should consult with a service provider. Expert rug cleaning teams have extensive experience in cleaning all types of rugs. They use advanced tools and techniques to eliminate impurities and contaminants from the rugs. Proper cleaning increases the life expectancy of the Oriental rug and maintains a good environment in the house.

Cleaning Methods to Preserve Oriental Rugs

1. Dry Carpet Cleaning

Dry carpet cleaning is an effective technique for cleaning the rug without drying. This Oriental rug cleaning process requires the latest technology. Lately, this technique is becoming popular for high convenience and performance.

The different cleaning service provider uses various chemicals for dry cleaning. Although it is an old technique invented in the 1980s, new advancements, cleaning powders, and compounds are making this option more efficient. Dry cleaning for Oriental rugs has been a trusted technique for decades.

You can hire a professional team with advanced tools to preserve Oriental rugs at home. Experts will immediately visit your home with a motorized rotating brush and cleaning agents. The rotating brush machine opens up the fiber and allows the compound to move through it. The dry cleaning method is quick and requires less effort. You will use the rotating brush machine like a vacuum cleaner. But, cleaning with a vacuum doesn’t reach inside the fibers. Therefore, vacuum cleaners are not suitable for deep cleaning. But, motorized rotating brush machines are actually very good for deep cleaning a carpet.

The cleaning compounds inside the machine act like micro-sponges. When you press and drag the machine against the rug, it removes the dirt from the fibers. As a result, you are left with a clean and beautiful Oriental rug. Once you complete the cleaning process, you can remove the compound and clean the rotating brushes.

Whether you can purchase a cleaning rotating brush machine or hire a professional rug cleaning service provider to perform the task, the rug cleaning team uses huge and advanced tools for deep cleaning. These machines for the carpet cleaning process are handy and don’t require much effort.

2. Encapsulation

Foam encapsulation uses the crystallization method to remove dirt and dust from Oriental rugs. The cleaning service provider uses synthetic detergent for the process. Initially, the detergent is in powder form, but it takes crystallized form when applied to the rug. After encapsulating the rug, cleaning experts will leave the rug to dry. The drying process removes the dirt particles from the Oriental rug fibers.

Many Oriental rug cleaning service providers are switching to encapsulation instead of dry carpet cleaning. They find encapsulation a better and more effective cleaning option. This technique is convenient as well as environmentally friendly. Furthermore, this process produces less chemical residue.
Encapsulation of rug cleaning has good results in preserving oriental rugs. But the cleaning method is not suitable for heavy or long Oriental rugs. If you want to clean large Oriental rugs, you should opt for advanced cleaning techniques.

3. Carpet Shampooing

Oriental carpet shampooing is an old technique but is still effectively used. Many rug enthusiasts prefer carpet shampooing because it leaves the fibers to rug smoother and clean. The shampoo reaches deep inside the Oriental carpet’s fibers, leaving foam on the carpet. The rug cleaner will hang the rug in sunlight for the drying process. The drying process is important as well, as it settles the cleaner deep inside the fibers. Since this method doesn’t involve rinsing, the Oriental rug will become sticky. Many carpet cleaning experts use a vacuum cleaner to rinse the detergent or other cleaning products.

After the cleaning process, the Oriental rug will look fresh and new. Furthermore, the shampoo will give a nice and pleasant smell. The major benefit of cleaning the rug with carpet shampooing is instant cleaning. You have to apply the shampoo and other cleaning agents on the rug and remove the foam after drying.

4. Hot Water Extraction Cleaning

Hot water extraction cleaning or steam carpet cleaning is an effective cleaning method suitable for different types of rugs. In this cleaning method, the service provider uses pressurized hot water to dissolve the dirt. Furthermore, the steam rinses and agitates the fibers.

The first step to cleaning Oriental rugs with hot water extraction cleaning is applying a cleaning agent. Cleaning professionals use a brush to spread the agent on the carpet. The brush will allow the cleaning agent to reach deep inside the fibers.

Once the cleaning agent settles in, the cleaning expert uses cleaning equipment to rinse the foam. Once the Oriental rug is dry, the cleaning professional will keep the carpet in an air-conditioned room. The time required for the drying process depends on the size and material of the Oriental rug carpet.

Now the rug cleaning agent will use a hot water extraction machine to clean the Oriental rug. Hot water extraction is a powerful machine that eliminates soil and dirt from the rug. The team used boiling water to heat the fibers and remove dirt from the rug.


You can preserve Oriental rugs by consulting a professional rug cleaning service provider. The rug cleaning team will use the latest tools and techniques to clean the rug. If you want to get in touch with an expert team in New York City, you should contact NYCleaners.

At NYCleaners, We will analyze the rug’s condition and suggest the best cleaning methods. We use the right technique for deep cleaning to revive your rug to its original condition. If you want to talk with our professional team, give us a call at 212-470-2593.

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