What Are the Best Area Rugs for Hardwood Floors?


When you first ask yourself about the best area rugs for hardwood floors, there are a few factors you need to consider. The first is safety. In other words, what sort of rugs are ideal for placing on a floor that could be slippery due to the finish? The good news is that no matter the rug chosen, a simple carpet pad can be positioned to lock that rug in place without harming either the floor beneath or even the rug itself. So, always keep in mind that choosing the best area rugs for hardwood floors means committing to the use of non-skid carpet pads at the same time.

What You Need

Naturally, the answer to the question of the best area rugs for hardwood floors is not going to be a universal one. After all, there also must be the question of just why you are choosing to put an area rug on the hardwood floor in the first place. For example, what purpose is the rug to serve? Is it an entry way that gets too much wear and tear and the rug is a form of protection? Is it to soften a living area with a bit of color or texture?

First answer that question, and then it becomes easier to narrow down the many, myriad options available.

The Options Available

Of course, once you know the function of the rug, it can help with some basic factors such as:

  • What sort of materials will suffice? Wool is a universal favorite, but you can find area rugs from synthetics, from woven grasses and more.
  • Does it need to be non-staining or easy to clean? An area rug that is going to protect floors or catch outdoor debris needs to be easy to clean, and able to withstand exposure to chemical cleansers as well as water, dirt and more.

Once you know which sorts of materials are best suited to the area where the rug is to go, you can find it much easier to narrow down your options for the very best area rugs for hardwood floors in your home or office.

Unexpected Factors

We cannot close out any discussion of selecting the right rugs for wooden floors without also noting a few of the risks or unexpected hazards of this choice. For example, you might be on the lookout for the best area rugs for hardwood floors as a way of protecting the floor. Softer woods or very old homes may have valuable wood floors that benefit from a surface covering that only a good rug offers. Yet, if that floor is also exposed to sunlight on a regular basis, the rug may allow for the finish to be permanently altered. After all, it is not unusual for the sun to bleach a floor, and if the rug is left in place for many months or years, it can leave distinct marks on the floors.

That means you need to consider if it is a good idea for the rug to be year-round or in use only part-time throughout the year to protect the floor on a seasonal basis.

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