Top 5 Reasons to Have a Rug Pad


Saves you money

A rug pad is a simple accessory that often goes overlooked. Many homeowners or office managers think that because a rug has a gripping backing, there’s no need for the extra pad. However, there are many reasons other than simple grip that a rug pad can be useful. Here are our top five reasons to have a rug pad:

The first reason to have a rug pad is that it saves you money. Rug pads help protect the rug itself from rubbing on the back, which causes rugs to get thin and damaged more quickly. By placing a rug pad down, you’ll stop your rug from needing replacement too quickly. You’ll also help protect your floor from abrasions, stains, and more.


Rug pads typically add a nice cushiony layer of comfort to your rug, making it nicer to walk on and easier to stand on for long periods of time. They also stop the rug from bunching up, which is never comfortable to stand or walk on. This is great for offices or areas of your home where you’ll be up on your feet frequently.

Keeping clean

Rug pads help you keep your space cleaner more consistently as well. Rug pads typically have bumps or ridged areas that can help trap dirt or other particles that fall from the rug. This helps keep the floor below clean, and the lift also makes it easier for you to vacuum your rug thoroughly. Additionally, rug pads can soak up wet messes, making it easier to avoid damage to a wood floor due to a spilled glass of water, for example.

Noise Reduction

Do you live in an upstairs apartment, or is your office in a shared building? Adding rug pads can help cut down on excess noise. As you walk across your rug, the pad helps absorb some of the impact and noise, making it quieter for those around you. This is also a great idea for a hallway outside a nursery. Never wake your sleeping baby again due to heavy footsteps as you trudge back to bed!


Finally, you can’t discount one of the most common reasons for a rug pad: safety. When you add a rug pad to a rug, you are ensuring the safety of everyone who enters your space. The rug won’t move around or bunch up, so you don’t have to worry about trips or stumbles. If this space is a business location, a rug pad is a very important way to protect your business from legal troubles.

With these five compelling reasons to have a rug pad, it’s hard to see why anyone wouldn’t want one. Be sure to choose the rug pad that works best for your rug. Natural rubber and felt are very popular choices, but there are many other types that you can choose from.

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