5 Simple Steps to Make Your Rug Last Longer


Whether you have just had a new carpet placed in your home or you purchased a home with quality carpeting, there are some simple and basic steps to make your carpet last longer. These steps will work whether you live on your own without any pets or you have a full household with kids, pets and heavy traffic day in and day out.

Start at the Door

One of the biggest steps to make your rug last longer is to limit its exposure to outdoor materials. In other words – take off your shoes at the front door (or wherever you might come in from the outside). This step alone will add years to a rug because it cuts down on the majority of dirt, debris and fluids that can be tracked in and cause everything from stains to mold. Don’t think it is important? One study showed that you have to take more than 15 steps across a floor to completely clear the shoes of outside debris!

Cleaning Counts

Another of the major steps to make your carpet last longer is to be very vigilant about cleaning. By cleaning, we mean several things. However, for this particular step, we are emphasizing stain removal. Though you might have purchased a rug with some sort of stain resistant coating, or you think you have great tools and chemicals to tackle a stain, the simple truth is this: The longer the dirt, fluid, wax or other materials remain in place, the more likely they are to create stains. Always be ready to spot clean the instant something marks the carpet.

Vacuuming is Essential

It is interesting to note how few homeowners recognize that vacuuming regularly is also one of the main steps to make your rugs last longer. It is one way to undo the damages of foot traffic by allowing the bristles to lift the fibers into place. It also eliminates any debris that can work away at the fibers and weaken the overall structure of the rug.

Shift the Furniture

Another of the important steps to make your carpet last longer is to consider what heavy furnishings are doing to the pile. We’ve all seen carpeting just after someone has moved out of a home and noted the dents from furniture legs or areas of discoloration from dust settling and staining beneath the furniture. Moving pieces on a regular schedule (think once very few months) helps to prevent major problems.

Proper Deep Cleaning

While you might think you can “shampoo” rugs with a commercially rented machine, it is a good idea to hire experts to do professional cleaning treatments every year or so. This is basic maintenance that ensures the carpeting is fully cleaned and restored at least once every other year.

Taking these five simple steps ensures your carpets look and smell great and have the ability to provide you with many years, or even decades of perfect service and amazing good looks!

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