How to Choose the Right Rug Size


One of the most difficult things about choosing a new rug is getting the size just right. Beyond just making sure the rug fits in the room, there’s also the question of whether it truly fits the space you want to define. Here are some tips for deciding what size rug is best for you.

Proportions are Everything

If you don’t already have a look in mind for your rug, then take a cue from the room itself. The proportions of the room will spell out how small or large your rug should be. If you have a huge space, consider getting a much larger rug to suit the room. If the space is small, you’ll want to rely on small area rugs to break the space up a bit. The dimensions of the room also matter. A longer, rectangular space is better for a runner, while a big square room is better suited for a large square or circular rug.

Consider the Furniture

There are several things to take into consideration when it comes to the furniture in the space. If you are pairing large furniture with a large space, a large rug will be best. If your furniture is more dainty, you may find that a smaller rug is better so that the furniture isn’t overwhelmed.

But another thing to consider with your furniture is how you will be arranging it on the rug itself. In living rooms, for example, you can have all your furniture on the rug entirely (which means you’ll need a very large rug), or just your coffee table on the rug (which means you’ll need a smaller rug). The only hard and fast rule that most interior designers stick to is that it’s best to keep the table and all the chairs on the rug in a dining room.

Tape it Out

If you aren’t sure what you want to do with your furniture in a space, use painter’s tape to tape out the perimeter of where you might put a rug. This allows you to move the “rug”, make it smaller or bigger, and visualize exactly what it might look like in a space. This is the best way to get a clue of what you want from the start.

Consider the Traffic Patterns

The final thing to consider in any space is the the way that traffic flows through the room. You may want to choose a smaller rug for a living room so that you don’t cover the area where people walk through – unless you plan to get a rug that can handle a lot of traffic. Once you’ve determined exactly what you want in a rug, take your measurements to a merchant and find the closest rug available – and enjoy your new focal point!

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