How to Choose the Right Rug Shape for Your Space


Area rugs can add beauty and definition to any space in your home. They can tie into your existing aesthetic, or help you create a completely different look and feel for a specific area. They can add color and softness, and more. However, you do need to ensure that you choose the right rug shape for your space.

Rectangular Rugs

Perhaps the most popular shape, rectangular rugs are also the most versatile. They work well in almost any situation, but they are particularly well suited for areas with lots of space – think your living room, or an office. You’ll also find they work well in long, narrow spaces like hallways and such. Rectangular rugs are also the most traditional of options, and fit well within spaces with traditional designs and themes.

Square Rugs

Related to rectangular rugs, square rugs are less traditional and are suited for different situations. They’re very good choices if you want to transform a single, rectangular space into two different environments, for instance. A long, open floor plan room could be transformed into a family room and a dining room with the right furniture, and a square rug could add the hard line of definition that you need. They’re also very good for use within square rooms, where a rectangular or circular rug would look out of place. Tie them together with square tables, or furnishings arranged in a square (or an L with equal length legs).

Circular Rugs

Circular rugs are the most fun, but they can be challenging to incorporate into your space. They can add a touch of whimsy and playfulness to almost any space, but if used without the right considerations, they can look out of place. They work very well in a breakfast nook with a bay window, for instance. They can also be used under round dining room tables, or they can be utilized to offset rectangles. Circular rugs can work very well when paired with square and rectangular rugs (and the appropriate furnishings for each), but become overwhelmed in large, non-circular rooms.

Considering Your Space

Before deciding on a particular rug shape, you need to think about the space where you’ll be putting it, and how you want to use that space. For instance, will you have furniture along a wall? If so, a rectangular rug positioned so that it only covers halfway might be the better option. Do you have a small space with a loveseat, a recliner and a television (or a similar arrangement)? A square rug might be best.

In addition, you need to consider sizing for your rug. For instance, a very large circular rug might work well with a living room arrangement if the room itself was very large, and there was plenty of “blank” space outside the circle.

Choosing the right rug for your space doesn’t have to be confusing or daunting. A little forethought and planning will help ensure the right outcome.

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