How is Oriental Rug Dyeing Done?


Watching Oriental rugs being made is like watching a magic trick. The skilled artisans know precisely how to weave and use knots to create pile or fringe, and the whole process is a treat to behold.

Even more exciting is to watch as patterns are created and vibrant or subdued hues slowly make everything from very obvious designs and images to more abstract shapes and forms emerge.

Those who restore these same Oriental rugs also have a lot of, seeming, magic in their grasp. One of the things this group of skilled professionals can do is restore faded colors using traditional rug dyeing methods.

Why Oriental Rug Dyeing Is Needed

The simple truth is that rugs sustain many damages due to the ways that they are used. We walk on them, drag dirt and debris from the outdoors across them, and we place them in areas where they may be exposed to harsh sunlight or even high humidity and moisture. All of these issues play a role in the rug’s loss of color (as well as its need for other restorations like repairs of holes or restoring the fringe, and more).

Staining might also be a reason behind the need for a professional to use a proven Oriental rug dyeing technique. And in all cases, it takes a skilled eye and hand to find the right hues to recreate the rug’s original look and then apply it accordingly.

How Rug Dyeing Is Actually Done

For the most part, the equipment used by expert rug dyers is identical to the air brush sets that traditional artisans use. It allows the restorer to direct targeted streams of specially made dyes that will not so easily rub off in the future and which bind directly to the fibers and existing colors.

The experts may also use applicators that look just like syringes in order to be as precise as possible, but special spraying units may also be put to use for broader expanses of a single hue.

The goal of Oriental rug dyeing is usually about restoration, and it could be that an entire rug needs all of its colors restored, or it could be that a wide area has been bleached by the sun or faded due to exposure to chemical cleansers or other compounds. It is not an easy task to flawlessly match dyes to the original hues, but if you find a team with the skill to restore and repair rugs, including dyeing Oriental and other fine rugs, think of them as an invaluable asset.

Getting Started With Oriental Rug Dyeing

Do you have a rug that has been exposed to too much sunlight, chemical cleaners, traffic or another issue that has caused it to lose its once stunning hues? If so, do not despair. There are Oriental rug dyeing experts with the knowledge and skill to help get that rug back in shape.

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