Choosing the Best Rug Color for Your Space


Consider Color Psychology

Sometimes when you want to add a rug to your space, you already know exactly what color and design would add the perfect finishing touch. But what if you aren’t quite sure which way you want to go? Maybe you’re going back and forth between adding a neutral backdrop to a large space, or adding a bold pop of color to an otherwise neutral room. Here are some tips for choosing the best color rug for any room.

If you have many options for color based on your existing décor, or you are starting from scratch, consider how you want the room to make you feel. Color can have a powerful impact on our psychology, and your rug can add to that. For example:

• Bright colors like orange and bold yellow make you feel energized.
• Muted tones like cream and sand make you feel at peace.
• Deep, rich colors like burgundy and brown give you a feeling of intimacy.
• Cool colors, particularly various shades of blue, make a room feel calm.

Consider How Color Changes the Space

Another thing to consider is that color changes how we visually perceive a space. Darker colors will make a room feel smaller and more intimate, while lighter colors will make a room feel airy and roomy.

Consider Traffic and Use

If you are placing your rug in a space where there will be a lot of traffic, or where it could be stained by food, children, or pets, then you’ll likely want to go with something darker in color. This will help hide stains and use. Another option for spaces like this is a patterned rug that features a lot of colors, because stains will disappear in the pattern.

When In Doubt: Go Complimentary

If you simply cannot decide what color you want your rug to be, you can never go wrong by choosing something that compliments your existing décor. If you have dark wood furnishings and deep, rich upholstery, then a darker rug will likely look better than a light colored rug. But if your space is light and airy, choose something white or pale beige to keep the feeling of openness.

Another way to look at the term complimentary is by looking at the color wheel. Complimentary colors are those that exist across from each other on the wheel. So if you want a pop of color in your space and don’t know where to start, just choose the color across the wheel from your other décor. Blue furnishings and curtains? Go with an orange rug to brighten things up!

With these tips, you’ll be able to find the right color rug in no time. Don’t be afraid to try more than one look, or even change the rug during different seasons, till you find what you love.

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