7 The Most Popular Carpet Colors and Styles


Anyone who has ever faced the challenges of interior decorating knows that carpeting is one of the most difficult of all decisions to make. What color, style, pattern, fiber? The options feel endless. However, experts also say that if you use one simple rule to begin your selection process, you make the process much easier.

How to Choose Carpets

What is that rule? Look around the room you are going to decorate and determine which element in that space is the most limited in terms of choices or options. For example, if you are decorating the family room, you will see that furniture colors and prints are the most limited. That should be the first “major” choice. Then, the rugs are the next most limited, and after that is the paint.

Making It Easier

Yet, does that really narrow it down completely? No there are trendy options from which to choose. So, to help you in your decision-making process, we offer seven of the most popular carpet colors and styles to consider:

  • Think pattern – According to the experts, “the newest styles are available in a broad range of spectacular colors and eye-popping patterns.” This means that choosing a color can become a bit more flexible. As an example, a pattern with hints of both teal and mustard may be exactly what you need to mix and match a few hues in the room.
  • Think neutral – Though neutral colored carpeting is the most common color option, it has traditionally ranged from tan and cream to sand and pale brown.
  • Flint grey neutral – However, neutral is now leaning more towards flint grey over beige. Able to hide dirt a bit better it is also likely to coordinate with on-trend paints and upholstery.
  • Animal prints – Seen in lots of runner rugs and staircases, “fawn print” is one of the hottest trends seen, rather than classic zebra stripes or leopard prints.
  • Green flooring – This is not the color green but the eco-friendly green, instead. While sisal grass and other natural materials, including cork floors, have been trendy for decades, things have gotten even more environmentally friendly. The hottest trends are carpets made from materials that are both biodegradable and sustainably grown. You will see lots of Agave sisal rugs, and a hot pairing is a natural woven with a natural flokati or other hand-processed woolen rug.
  • Tiles – Carpet tiles have been around for a while, but the newest trends involve ornately and boldly patterned squares intermixed into a dizzying and yet functional pattern. As an example, classic Persian rug patterns in similar hues, such as a deep red, blue and cream blend. However, tiles that feature a more worn texture are paired with a new texture to create a wonderful effect.
  • Big prints – Lastly, one of the biggest trends is the big print. Rather than a small and even texture, huge florals and other large scale images are mingled with smaller images to create striking patterns at your feet!

Get Started

These seven trends in color and style can help you to make excellent carpet choices for any of your upcoming decorating or re-decorating projects.

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