How to Choose the Right Carpeting for Your Home


Enter any store or space selling carpeting for the home, and you’ll probably feel immediately overwhelmed. Though the vendors limit carpet samples to easily handled sizes and even divide them up by type or brand, it doesn’t make the selection process any easier. The good news is that experts say there are only a few significant factors you need to know (apart from the available budget) to choose the right carpeting for your home.

Brands Can Mean Quality

One of the first things to do as you make plans to choose the right carpeting for your home is to start to do some research about the different brands. Just as you know that a local restaurant that emphasizes quality ingredients and techniques will offer you something far better than a fast food chain, so too can brand names make a difference with carpeting.

Discover which brands have the quality you desire by paying a visit to several vendors to learn which manufacturers seem to use the materials and techniques you are hoping to find in your home carpeting. Then you need to consider just how the carpet will be put to use…

The Use Is the Next Factor

A seldom used formal living room or sitting room needs carpeting far different from the family room that sees traffic of all kinds every day of the week. There are a few other “room use” questions to consider when you go to choose the right carpeting for your home, though, and they include:

  • What is the primary function of the space?
  • Is it a high or low traffic area?
  • Does it get a lot of direct sunlight?
  • Is there a door to the outdoors from this space?
  • Are there pets and kids in the home?
  • Is it a formal or casual space?

What do the answers to such questions provide? They let you know the overall grade or durability that the carpet will require based on the actual exposure to everything from sunlight to outdoor dirt and water.

Then, of course, comes the fun part when you choose the right carpeting for your home – what sort of style and/or colors are best suited to the space.

Choosing the Style

One thing that many people do not consider is bringing a sample of the carpeting they like into the actual space. As an example, you have a small sitting room with lots of sunlight. You see a patterned carpet in a bold hue. You think it will look great in the room. Unless you bring that sample into that natural light, and see what the pattern does in a small space, you cannot be sure it is the right option.

In other words, to choose the right carpeting for your home you must bring it into the home! The best vendors allow you the option of borrowing or purchasing affordable swatches and samples, and it is a much better approach than bringing fabric or wallpaper into the store and gazing at it “out of context”.

Don’t forget about costs, stain resistance and overall quality, and you should choose a perfect carpet for any part of the home.

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