Commercial Carpet Cleaning

NYCleaners offers commercial carpet cleaning of all types. Our technicians are trustworthy and well-trained so that you know that your carpet will be spic and span. Our cleaning process gets deep into carpet to remove dirt and grit and leave your carpets stain free. Your carpets will last longer and smell better.

Our trained technicians are also experts at cleaning oriental rugs. Rugs are smaller than carpets and still withstand the same heavy office traffic as well as dirt, grit, stains, and whatever workers bring into the office on their shoes from outside.

Office Carpet Cleaning

Our technicians can expertly take care of your office carpets as well as upholstered furniture. Because commercial spaces receive so much wear and tear, it’s important to have a trustworthy cleaning service to get out ground in dirt from heavily trafficked areas.

Green Cleaning Methods

NYCleaners offer green cleaning methods to clean your office. When we are done your office will be clean and sanitary yet you will not have to worry about chemicals or noxious fumes from toxic chemicals. We proudly use only certified green cleaning products for all of our cleaning services in NYC. While our cleaning products are green, you needn’t worry that they don’t do the same job as other cleaners. Our technicians will make sure that your entire office is perfectly clean before we leave the premises.

NYCleaners partners with your company’s sustainability programs to ensure that your employees will work in a safe environment. This means fewer sick days and increased productivity. Our local office cleaning service in NYC will keep your working environment clean and healthy.